Nigel Gaskin

World, European, GB Masters swimming records • Triathlete • 6 x medalist 2015 -2023 - ETU Aquathlon • 5th - ITU World Aquathlon 2018 • 2nd - ETU Middle Distance 2019 • 3 x 70.3 WC • 14 x 70.3 • 1 x Ironman finisher @huckson @TORQ

Back to the racing scene!

In 2019, following my successful races in the ETU Aquathlon and Middle Distance Triathlon, Targu Mures, Romania I managed to pre qualify for the following years European Aquathlon and MD Triathlon. However, unknown to us all Covid-19 soon put a stop to everyday normal life. 

Three years later, a new age group, and many changes in between I found myself back on the racing scene getting ready to  use my pre qualifications from 2019, this time representing Team GB in Bilbao, Spain. 

I knew my fitness was no where near that of the 2019 season but I wasn’t going to let this stop me from racing in such an amazing event. I do this sport because I enjoy the challenge it brings, the people I meet and the places I get to travel to and most of all the fun of the race. Of course, I’d say like most athletes I know, we also like to try and win. However, that’s not always possible, and participating/finishing becomes the main goal of the race.

I’d say both races in Bilbao were tough and for many different reasons. 

The aquathon was fast paced with very tough swim conditions. The swim exit was difficult and many were left with minor cuts across their body. The strong currents in the water caused me to suffer what I would describe as similar to sea sickness, my balance suffered for the remainder of the race. 

The triathlon the following day was obviously much longer and definitely hillier. The weather was also much colder and it rained pretty much all the way through the swim and bike leg. 

I enjoyed the swim. It did feel quicker than it actually was but I realised after the race the the return was again against the current. My swim was the fastest swim in my age group.

The transitions were huge. T1 was approx 0.5 miles long before we could even mount the bike and the same for T2.

Following the swim I found myself struggling with the cold. The first hill produced some extra body heat. I actually looked forward to cycling up more hills and there were plenty! Then the downhill sections, technical and challenging in the dry but made even harder due to the wet and slippery conditions, not to forget the huge speed humps located in or on the approach to the villages.

The run was great; 5 short laps. It suited my current fitness levels and was pretty much pancake flat. I ran on feel, keeping a constant cadence for as long as I could which appeared to work. I noticed I was catching and overtaking other athletes, reigniting that competitive streak. 

The crowds were amazing and helped make that finish line appear much quicker!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time out in Bilbao and came away with more memories to look back upon in years to come. 

Hopefully, I have pre qualified for the 2023  European Aquathlon and I hope that my MD Triathlon time will be good enough to get a place on the 2023 team too. 

Aquathlon (45-49) - 7th position and 3rd fastest GBR athlete. 

MD Triathlon (45-49) - 17th position and 6th fastest GBR athlete. Fastest swimmer and 8th fastest run. 
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