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World, European, GB Masters swimming records • Triathlete • 6 x medalist 2015 -2023 - ETU Aquathlon • 5th - ITU World Aquathlon 2018 • 2nd - ETU Middle Distance 2019 • 3 x 70.3 WC • 14 x 70.3 • 1 x Ironman finisher @huckson @TORQ

Highest ranked British age group athlete in ITU World Aquathlon Champs in Denmark

So this week I took on the best athletes in the world – racing them in the ITU World Aquathlon Championships in Middlefart, Denmark. As a reminder, the Aquathlon is a 1km open water swim followed by a 5km run. Worth adding here that one of those athletes in my age group was an ex-Olympian!

Right now I have mixed feelings. Part of me wants to celebrate and the other part wants to curl up and hide.


I exited the water in 2nd position

The race was tough going from the beginning. I was punched, kicked and there were jellyfish everywhere! I was stung so many times across the face, the pain was incredible! But I knew I had to battle on and swim hard to get to the front with the leading swimmers.

Take a look at that pain face, jellyfish stings all across my nose, cheeks, lips and chin.

I managed to do just that and recorded the 2nd fastest swim in my age group, putting me in 2nd position for the run.

Fastest GBR athlete in the 40-44 age group

However exiting T1 I felt so sick, I just couldn’t turn on the power I know I have, my legs were dead! I then dropped three places on the run to finish 5th in my 40 – 44 age group. However, I was the fastest GBR athlete!

I hear you ask…why? For those who know me you’ll also know I always feel I could have done better.

I finished as top Brit in 5th place

I just really wanted that podium finish.

That said, off the back of this result I have also pre qualified to race in the 2019 World Aquathlon Championships in Pontevedra, Spain.

But, for now – 5th fastest athlete in the world and fastest GBR athlete isn’t a bad achievement.

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